Baby Liam

What fun it is to look back at photos taken of mom and dad just slightly before little Liam came into the world.. (Sept 13, 2012).  It reminds me that time does not wait and that before you know it, what you have been anxiously waiting for is already here and what fun it has been for the new parents to learn and adapt to the new role of being parents.  

It has been fun for me too to be able to help photograph this next chapter in their lives. 

Baby Boy came right on the day he was expected to come. 

Precious moments of mom & dad appreciating the miracle they have made together.

One of my favorites, the measure of how tiny babies can be! 

Mommy hand-sewed these for him.  Are they adorable or what?? :)

How fun and great it is that mother and sister travel from different parts of the world (Malaysia & Australia) to be there for Baby Liam. 

Grandma's first grandbaby..

The hot aunt

The family

Congratulations again, Whiting family.  Baby Liam is a lucky boy! :)