This post is long overdue. Photos were done awhile ago and here I am, just updating the photos on the blog.  I'm such a procrastinator.  Today, I felt I must update just because this pretty momma just had her baby! So, yes, the baby which was expected to arrive Sept 13, came right on time.  The mommy however, was anxious for him to be out even at the beginning of the month! Hehe. However, both mommy and baby are doing well and I am excited to see little Liam. 

In the meantime here are photos from that day. Enjoy! :) 

Cute mommy produces cute babies no? 

Love belly photos! 

Daddy must not be forgotten. 


And he (baby Liam)  came right on time.  :) 
It was a fun photo session.  Like always, I enjoyed myself snapping away behind the camera, and of course, having a good looking parents to be to pose for you, extra bonus! 
Congratulations again, Whiting family! :)