The Sprinkler Deed

As missionaries, one of the things we spent a lot of time doing is tracting.  For non-LDS, that is when you see 2 young people, dressed nicely, wearing black name tags, each with a "Sister" or "Elder" in front of our last name, walking down the street, knocking on doors and talking to every single persons that crosses our path.

Some days, it can be fun. But some days it can be long and hard.  You could spend hours knocking on doors and no one is home, or many who pretend not to be home.  Then there are days that you have people who decide to yell at you or dogs put out to chase after you so your running or misfortune can be a fun entertainment to some.

So, to combat discouragement and maintaining our spirits, we device games and pass on silly myths created from missionaries of past. One of which was the "Sprinkler Deed."

In places where lawns are watered by sprinklers, you will know that those sprinklers are timed and will shoot up above the ground to spray water on lawns for a period of time before it stops and returned back down the ground.  Every now and then you will find some random ones that didn't went back down due to lime residue or it is just old and doesn't spring back down as easily anymore.  Leaving it up risk it of being knocked by a passer by's foot during a walk, or risk of being broken from an unknown blunt force hitting it.

Thus, we came to feel it was our responsibility to do good by helping that poor sprinkler returned back to the ground.  And so, for every sprinkler pushed back down, we earn "husband points" for the future.
With more "husband points" gathered, the more wonderful your future husband is going to be.

I don't know if my companions or other missionaries believed in it but I sure hoped it to be true.
I often secretly hoped any good myths to be true most of the time.  I can be that dreamy sometimes.  Heh.

So, when one afternoon Clifford and I was taking a walk through the neighborhood, and we spot a sprinkler head out of the ground, I push one down and told him about the mission game I played with my companions.  He jokingly said, it seemed I had lucked out with all that having married him.

On the contrary.

I think I lucked in (if that is even the antonym of the saying), and even more if you totaled all the sprinklers I helped returned back to the ground combined.

How, I have no idea.  Why, I have no answer.
Did I know this before I married him?  Not quite.

All I knew was he is a great guy and I would be dumb to say no.
So, with a leap of faith, I said yes and here we are.  No regrets.

I watch him budget finances, worked hard with little sleep, study, do assignments and yet, despite all that, insisted in making time to spend it with me, even if it was just listening to me ramble at night when he is so sleepy or cook when I was almost lifeless from so much vomiting during those early bad months of pregnancy despite having so many things pressing for his attention.
He has definitely earn a hero spot in my heart.

So, my collected "husband points" paid off.  I think there was massive added bonus points in the whole equation, of which I have no idea where it came from but I am extremely grateful.  I found myself a gem so rare, and I worry sometimes that it might slipped out of grasp or that I failed to keep it safe.  Sometimes, he is so dorkily kind that I feel like a terrible rascal next to him.  Yet, despite all that he loves me still.  Why, I will never know.

Till the day I find that out, but for now... Happy Be-early Birthday, dear husband.
XxXxxOOooOXxoOxOxx. (Think Nacho Libre). :)


  1. Happy Birthday to Clifford! All the best!

  2. Hey I used to earn "husband points" by saying the prayer in seminary class or young women's class. We used to say that every time you were asked to say the pray and didn't say no that your husband was getting hotter! I think it may have been invented by the teachers so that us kids wouldn't say no!!!
    Glad Gabriel shares his birthday with such a good uncle!!!!!

  3. Sweet! We are luck to have you too in our family! You make my son very happy!

  4. @Natalie : Haha! I was the only Young Woman in my branch when I joined the church, so I had no one to tell me about the extra points I could have earned for saying prayers. But that's okay, Clifford is awesome. :) And Gabe will be also.

  5. I have carried that game on for the four years since I have been home from the mission. I have accumulated an extremely large number if points... still no husband... does this mean that whomever he is he will be extra special?


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