Everybody Loves Kung Fu Fighting

If you have been following me on Instagram or any other media for that matter, you will have seen how I have suddenly developed a craze for DIY and everything handmade (by me, of course).  Funny how with the change of events recently, I suddenly feel like I can indulge doing all these without feeling like I have anything else to loose.  There is only so much reading you can do in a day and well, being in front of the computer can be time consuming but I feel unprogressive because I have nothing to show for the time spent stalking browsing / reading.

So, thus begins my crafty exploration (and probably addiction - which can be true because it has came to Clifford's concern that I have an addictive personality).

I think it came as a surprise to some because the last time I ever did much sewing was right after high school.  That was before the world of Facebook and social media came to be what it is now and so my "products" are mostly kept for myself and family to see.  Some of which ended up in my mother's closet, rarely worn because my dear mother felt it was too "precious" to be worn (and this feeling of great appreciation, applies to almost everything I made for her!).
Sometimes I wonder if it really was because it was too precious or because she was just too polite to honestly admit that they were horrendous and ugly.  Haha.

Mom, if you read this, don't worry.  I'm not offended, in any way. ;)

So, it has been such fun to find online tutorials and perusing the wonderful world of thrift stores in search for fabrics for great bargains and clothes that have upcycling value.
It can be very addictive and I want to do it all.

I currently have 4-5 different fabrics waiting for me to "attack" and do my thang with them.  What is more fun is that I can work on making cute dresses for the little girl when she comes.  She already has some cute crochet items made.  Now to tackle for things she can wear when the weather gets warmer.

If you can only see how excited I am.  I fear my writing does not do justice in portraying my excitement well enough!

Plus, how fun would it be to have cute mommy-daughter matching outfits?!

I remembered my mom and I had one, it was a cool Asian ethnic dress that I loved to wear.  So much so that I think I over-worn it more times than my mother ever did hers.  Haha!

Little girl is getting crazy active and my belly is growing exponentially now.  Small in comparison to many around me but big enough for me to moan about fitting myself into pants.  It's stretchy pants from now on and soon to come, knit jersey skirts and possibly dresses that I will be making for ME!
I think from her previous shuffling activity, she has now progressed to the next best applicable soundtrack as "Kung Fu Fighting."  Who knows someday she have my same passion and exceed my junior black belt achievement in the art of self defense to a full fledge black belt fighter! Or not, and that's okay too.

With so much projects lying ahead of me, I feel like a young girl again, who once aspired to be a fashion designer and had day dreamed of making my own clothes to wear and strut around.  I guess, even if it limits to my being admired only in the eyes of my husband and children.. I have succeeded.

However, I'm ever grateful for friends who had been very supportive and giving me encouragement on my crafty attempts so far.  You guys are awesome.

This round of fabrics are more simpler.. So many ideas! Only 2 hands! Gah! 


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