SHE Yawned!

Ah.. so many things are running through my mind right now, mincing and digesting the news.  I am savoring my "nasi goreng belacan & ikan bilis,"(Am I awesome or what? ;) For non Malaysians, that's shrimp paste fried rice and anchovies - sounds nasty but it's one of Malaysian's local favorites) replaying Christina Perri's A Thousand Years (Yes, after many months, I'm still obsessed over the song) and re-watching the ultrasound video and pictures on my computer.

Never would I thought I would say this but her yawn is just too cute.  
And yes, we are having a baby girl!

3 lines indicate clearly her girly parts

I laid there watching the screen in front of me as the technician move the ultrasound contraption around my jelly covered belly, showing us her head, her stomach, her spine, her legs, her hands and her little private little area (we were like, "are you sure that won't turn into a penis somewhere down the next few weeks/ months, and he said, nope. It's clear as night and day it is a girl), and I kept thinking, "wow."

See the cute little nose? 

I am so in awe.  My belly looks so small in comparison to that little being, who looks so developed and big shuffling around in my womb.  Can she really be almost so complete already? 

We also measured her and it gave us a new due date, which is December 23.  Not too far off from the estimated date which was December 27.  
This past week I have been feeling little flutters of ticks, indicating her movement.  It is pretty fascinating.  I almost feel like a little child discovering the world with amazement and awe but mainly towards how this little baby grows and develops as days go by.  

Would you believe it that in 4 months I'm going to pushing out this baby into the world??? 

What's even more crazy cool is that, here we are in an area where there is so many young married couples with little families and the time we have been here, has given me the chance to get to know so many amazing mothers.  Mothers who are ever so willing to give advices, tips and talk you through the whole process and how I can prepare when my time comes.  And that is not just mothers around me but mothers who are from far (friends in Malaysia).  For that I am grateful. 

Until that time comes, shall we just continue to look at her yawn? :) 


  1. AWESOME!! She doesn't like you pushing on her! Can't wait to me little Sherry ;}}

  2. Wow that is so cool!!! I am crying right now!! Crying good tears! She is so beautiful! I can't wait to meet her! So glad we are getting a girl in the family!
    I also really love the song "A Thousand years" I feel like it is my song to Gabriel!!!
    Congrats again!!!


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