Everyday She's Shuffling

Remember when I say how I'm always getting curve balls thrown at me?
Well, the past weeks has been one of those.  Disappointed as I am that things don't seemed to be or will be going as I hoped for, I am amazed that I am calm about it.  

Maybe, it is a sign that Heavenly Father is deciding what is best for me and in my life right now.  

And would you believe it that this epiphany came as I was enjoying simple rojak sauce with some raw cucumber sent by a dear Malaysian friend.  It is pretty amazing what food from home does to you.  I remember just savoring every lick, bite and thinking, I need to find this person, whoever it was on the other side of the veil one day and thank him/her profusely for such a genius creation.  Then I managed to play back all the scenes in Malaysia, the people, the experiences I have had and life that I had.. it was like having your life flashed before your eyes.  If this was how it was described by those who had near death experience, then I think I was almost there, except instead of fear, mine was pure bliss.

I am pretty sure at this point, the dear little girl in the belly is well conditioned for Malaysian food.  So when the time comes for us to make our pilgrimage back for a well deserve visit, she will eat everything without a fuss, or so I hope.  (And yes, she is still the "little girl" because we have not been able to agree on a name yet.)

For those who may not have been to Malaysia, then you don't know what you are missing.  If you only knew how amazing Malaysian cuisine can be.  One takes for granted how convenient and readily available all these foods are until one comes to live abroad and begins to yearn for them, and I think more so now that I'm pregnant.  I don't remember ever missing it as bad as I do now when I was here serving a mission back in 2007-2009.

I am even more profoundly grateful that I was able to live in different parts of Malaysia to appreciate the extra diverse foods available and a husband who shares the same except durian and anchovies. I am  okay with that because it means more for me! 

But on a side note, the little girl has been pretty active these days.  No more little flutters, or "quickening" as some may call it, but more obvious thuds every now and then, to the point where those kicks/ punches lift the skin of my stomach!  She's doing some pretty active shuffling in there.   

A lady where I volunteered at found out I was pregnant and due in December, she said,
"You don't look like you have a baby due in December. You are so teeeeeeny!

So at 23 weeks, I have to say I am grateful that I can still wear most of my clothes and still get away with looking cute. *coughs*


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