Bryce + Tsz Man

I may be struggling with nausea and vomiting, but that evening.. it became secondary as I worked at trying to capture these two lovebirds.  They are expecting their first baby in September and the excitement is definitely in the air as they get ready for the next step in life together.  Heck, I am excited for them myself! 

Being Asian, we share similar longing for good ol' chinese food and Tsz Man is definitely a good cook! She is always trying recipes to recreate home food and most of the time, she has been successful.  I wish I can be as good! 
Look at that cute baby bump! 

A scan that was taken a while back.  Look at his 2 cute little feet! Yes, they are expecting a GIRL! :)

Their baby is going to be a good looking one, what with such good looking parents! :) 

I had so much fun that afternoon.  You guys are such great sport.  Thank 
you for letting me do this for you both.  I hope you both had a good time too. :)