Hyde Family


Now, that is quite the equation.  
But they definitely know how to have fun, that's for sure! 

Say hello to the Hydes! 

So, I have to say this.  Doing family photo session, especially when there are 10 and age ranges from a baby to adult, can be daunting.  It is definitely not the same working with just couples, solo portraits, pets or even events! The biggest task was trying to get everyone looking at the camera at the same time, more so I think when I have an eye sticking behind the camera while making a bunch of directive instructions, getting the attention of the little ones while maintaining a relax atmosphere so everyone has a pleasant experience.  I have a lot more to learn still, I know but it was still a lot of fun. Here are some of my favorites from the afternoon: 

Mom & Dad.  The amazing duo who showed me that anything is possible when you are with the right person. :)

Is that not a cute bunch or what?! 

Now let's introduce the rest of the troop! 

No.1: Parker. A senior in high school and is quite the young man.  

No. 2: Keri. Great sense of style and simply beautiful. 

No. 3: Carter.  He was suppose to be the last of the lot until Mom & Dad felt they weren't quite "done" yet.

So, 5 years later: 

No. 4: Riley. She may be missing her two front teeth at the moment, it doesn't affect her beauty in any way. 

No. 5: Robin. Energetic and full of character.  I love this series of her.  When I brought the camera up to her, she began to start posing away.  Now that is a model in the making right there! 

And finally, she relented and gave me a quick direct look for me to capture.  Love it! 

No. 6: William.  He may be young but he can be quite the gentleman.  My another favorite because he is at ease about giving me as many various expressions as he can in front of the camera. 

No. 7: Alissa.  She is a little bashful, probably because I'm still a stranger to her but she was quite a hoot after. :) 

Lastly, No. 8: Anderson.  The baby of them all and probably has no idea at this point how lucky he is to have soo many siblings to love and fuss over him.  I wish I could be him! 

So, when you have a huge group with various dynamics, you try to get some fun poses: 

Attempted the "circle".  But the sun was too bright so most could barely keep their eyes open, Anderson was hungry so he's bawling as hard as possible, but I still love this shot just because of the various expression there is in all.  It's not perfect, for sure, but that's pretty much how life is anyways. :)

Staggered, on the walkway.  And of course we have William attempting another pose while Robin skipping in midair. LOVE this! 

"Ohana means family.  Family means nobody gets left behind," said Lilo, but sometimes a shoe does, but's that's okay.   :)

And sometimes, it's fun just being with all your siblings. 

The gang. 

I had so much fun. It made me think of my dad and his family. He was the 7th of 8 kids and sometimes I wish I could travel back in time just to see what it was like having grown up in a big family.  My afternoon with the Hyde Family, gave me a little glimpse of it and it definitely seemed like a lot of fun.  What is even more impressive is to see how amazing the older siblings are at helping to take care of the younger ones.  

Thank you again, you guys, for letting me do this for you. You all are super amazing and such a fun group.  I hope it was fun for you as much as it was for me.  :)