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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Guest or Social Overload

Having guest over and staying with your for a period of time can burn you out.  Not that it wasn't fun but it can get a bit much.  And having a tiny apartment like ours with only curtains as makeshift doors to separate rooms, leaves very little privacy nor space to retire to a place of your "own."  The social overload may have led me to skip my period even.  Eeps. 

So with that, we have decided that guest entertaining will be limited to dinners and at maximum, a weekend's length, until we have an actual home that is big enough and one that comes equipped with doors.  Any more, and I think Clifford will resort to setting up our camping equipment and spend the nights in the tent, behind our house backyard. 

I think this has made me realized I am still an introvert at heart.  My limits to social interactions with people still applies.  It also helped me have a new found appreciation for people I had lived with during my mission.  Not that I wasn't appreciative then, but this made me RE-appreciate them more.  They were wonderful people who had been so generous as to share their homes, their space and even sometimes at the expense of their privacy for us.  What challenge it must have been for them. The sacrifice they had to make.  The occasional noise they have to live with on nights when our bed creaked or when we got too excited and talked a little too loudly.  What with us having different living habits, it can be daunting.  
I wonder if I had been a polite, grateful and easy guest? 

How did I survive living in a hostel/ dormitory with a bunch of other girls for semesters at a time?  It is amazing when you get your own little space, and how you learn to guard it because it's where you retire to and especially for me, who savors my "me" time.  
The dormitory was madness but when I first moved in, I debated between the upper and lower bunk of the bed.  In the end, I opted for the upper bunk.  It was the best decision for me because it gave me "my" space despite the many girls everywhere.  
The upper bunk was often less popular because most find the climb tiresome, a hassle, and the height "dangerous." So, more choices for me.. yeay!
Plus the lower bunk was always often the place of choice for gathering to chat and talk, so I avoid having my sheets messed up from numerous girls plopping themselves on the bed since I'm on the upper bunk. 
Good planning, ya? 

I used to think marriage will be hard because having a husband 24/7 will make it a challenge but I forget that we will each have our own things to do (school, work, callings, friends, etc) so in the end I have enough "me" time to recuperate and get sane.  Marrying the right person helps too. :) 

So, yes, we are done entertaining for a while. 

I will leave you with one of our hiking adventures lately: 
Bridal Veil Falls

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  1. You are Prego!? (Missed a period with stress...hehehe!