Meet Christine. 

She is a personal fitness trainer/ instructor and also an old good friend.  We were just reminiscing the days and realized we have known each other for 10 years!  You don't realize how much time has flown when you are having fun.  I am grateful for friends in my life and what they bring to the friendship.  She was visiting a few months back and we decided to capture her in her "element" along with some fun glamor shots.  

Her ultimate favorite shoes.  I have also heard it is a favorite for many people who are big into fitness.  Something I will have to look into one day. ;)

TRX Suspension Training.  She was showing me the beauty of what some straps can do: exercise, toning anywhere, anytime. 

Who says being health conscious means you can't have pretty nails? :) 

Check out the tone arms! 

Watching her pulling, lifting, stretching... she is definitely buffed.  You would want her to train you if you want to be fit, that is for sure! 

Once we she was done working out, we decided to move on and do some glamor shots to capture the softness side of her.  Sometimes, when people keep seeing you doing training and working out, we forget that there's another side of the person underneath the tough exterior.  So here we are to make sure that side of her shines through just as well. :) 

She is beautiful, both on the inside and out. 

Being healthy definitely brings out a glow in a person, that is for sure. Christine proves it! 

It has been so much fun.  She was such a good sport and a natural model too! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did working behind the lens, Christine.  :)