Meet Lucy.

A well loved family member that lives with Grandma and Uncle Dee.  She's a 6 year old shichi.  Yes, you heard me right, she's a shichi.  I had to do a bit of research to make sure Uncle Dee is not pulling my leg about her breed.  Apparently there are many hybrid breeds of dogs out there, along with their respective hybrid names.  Pretty cool, huh?

So, see.. photography makes you learn more things than just camera related, for sure! :)

Lucy may be small but she is feisty, like most small dogs.  She loves to pretend that you are out to get her, so she can show off how fast she can outrun you.

Here are some of our fun afternoon together, recently:

She used her keen sense of smell to get to know my camera first. 

Once she figures the camera is not a threat, she figures out ways she can pose. 

This include a dreamy look as she gaze into the distance. 

But sadly after a while, she got bored. 

And started to fall asleep

Until we brought her back into the house.. she decided to let me have one more shot of her. 

Finally, you can tell she decide enough was enough, and it's time to snuggle up on Grandma's legs. 

We love you, Lucy-loooooocieee... :)