Pablo & Galina

As the saying goes: love knows no boundaries, and they are the proof of it. 

Say hello to Pablo and Galina!

He is from Chile. 
She is from Ukraine. 
And despite hailing from different continent, fate brought them together along with tons of fireworks! 

A psychology major who is a lot of fun and yet can be serious when the time calls for it. 

She is demurely beautiful and shy but you won't want to mess with her, being a criminal justice major and all. 

Despite living a few hours away from each other, they made sure it wasn't going to be a barrier for their love. 

Can you not feel the love by just looking at them?? 

It was so eminent that the second you look away, they are engrossed in each other once more. 

Oreo cookie. 

Even the kiss was explosive! 

Having hands around to keep you safe and loved, makes everything all better.   

And of course, feet photos because I believe your shoes are just as important and represent part of your personality. :) 

I had so much fun with you both that afternoon.  We got the location mixed up initially but despite the time loss, it was still a fun little session.  Thank you so much for being such a good sport and being so cute together! :) 


  1. Great post!! you need to put together a portfolio and and Blog and start advertising

    1. Thanks, Sherry. Ha.. I don't feel like I have enough to even start advertising. :(


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