At 2 weeks old, and she's already won my heart. A great bundle of joy for the Kellars, who, I must add are such an amazing family.  I have to say (not that it's not obvious!) I love taking photos, not just because I get to capture beauty all around but also because I get to meet new people and to learn of their unique personality and to be reminded that there are just so many wonderful people in the world still.

Here are some of our fun from that afternoon.

I couldn't decide which to use, so I figured why not include both! The cute little headband was a gift from grandma, which I think just makes her look even more adorable!

Leah's mommy.  She has got to one of the most humble and calm person I have the opportunity to meet and know.  Not only she knew where Malaysia was, she also almost joined the Peace Corp.  

It is amazing how we were all once so tiny! I had to capture her tiny-ness before it all disappear because from now onwards, she will be growing and before we know it, she's 10! 

She got a little onery after a while and Daddy was quick on his feet to think of ways to calm her down. Not surprising too because he's really smart to begin with!  

She was truly a daddy's girl because the moment he holds her, she calms down almost instantly. 


I hope you enjoy this series as much as I did doing them. Thank you, again Kellar family for letting me do this for you.  I had so much fun and it was so nice to hang out with you guys.