De-Junk & Spinach

With more time in my hands, and when I don't have appointments for photo sessions or running around doing errands, I'm either trying out new recipes or decluttering.

Today I am doing both.

Cooking: I made crustless spinach quiche and curried lentils spinach soup. Both turned out to be a huge success.  I have to say, despite not being much of a cooking fan, and having lived the practice in which I cook to survive, with no additional passion nor desire for it in the past, I do a pretty good job at not botching up whatever I attempt so far. Except maybe my cookies.. which for some reason always spread out and become this flat looking potato chips.  Taste perfectly yummy still but failed, aesthetically.

I have come to the conclusion that it is not of my problem but the recipes are faulty.  Hmmph.

Decluttering: You wouldn't believe how much junk mail, advertisements one can get every week.  4-5 grocery stores will send you newsletter with their offers of the week.  Cable TV promotion with low monthly rates for 1 year.  Coupons for almost every fast food joint in the 5 mile radius. The list is endless. And then every now then, I get mails returned due to the mailman "unable to find address."  And so, these come without fail, every single week, filling up our little letter box.  So if I don't do it, we might end up in one of the episodes of "Hoarders"!

Okay, maybe that is a little extreme.
But still, that little extremist idea of mine is what drives me.

So, dejunk I must.. weekly.  Now, that is just physical dejunking.  Next, is digital: my computer.  The computer is such a great thing to have.  We reduce the usage of papers and files.  Everything can be stored conveniently because it's all digital.  The best part, you don't see these clutters peaking out of the screen surface, so you feel "tidy."
That is until you venture into mine.  I have photo files every where.  I have documents typed out, letters, notes, and songs.  Then there is those downloaded photos or videos or powerpoint presentations and things you got from forwarded mails that you think.. "aww.. so cute.. I'll save it because I might want to use it someday."  Someday turns to 6 months, then turns to 6 years. And it sits there untouched except it was moved from a folder or something.

When I said I need to be more organized, I wasn't lying.  I plan to SUCCEED.
(Insert Black Friday Target lady enthusiasm here)

Anyways, let me leave you with this cute little baby... and no, I didn't suddenly have a baby. Her parents were kind enough to let me come take pictures for them. :)
Leah, at 2 weeks old. 

P/s: Oh and a quick shout out to Natalie, who's birthday is today! Happy happy birthday! :)


  1. Thanks for the shout out!
    Isn't it so depressing that most mail is junk! Arrrrrgh. At least fun packages come in the mail! You know the ones with pictures and stuff! ;)

  2. Thanks for the shout out. It was a great day and the weather was beautiful. I got a fun package in the mail, you know the ones with pictures and lots of paperwork! ;)


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