How does one write and describe what just happened in the past couple of days without jeopardizing the true awesomeness of everything??

I left my decision of wanting a bouquet and wedding cake till the week before the wedding.
Months before, Ivy sent me a wedding preparation list which I looked and then kind of tossed it aside.

Checklist includes :
1 year before, what to do.
6 months before, get these things done
3 months before, make sure you do these.
And the list goes on.

I followed almost none of it!

I picked out my dress online.  When it was delivered, the measurements were wrong. I had to get it fitted.
Dress and alterations in total : $150-180. That included a steal of a jacket I found to go with the dress at the market, which all I had to do was to sew a lining to make it chaste. ;)

My shoes. I searched everywhere for something on the aqua marine side of the color but found none and then a week before I moved across the world, I finally found one that I love, and figured I'll just get it, even if the color wasn't what I was looking for all these months. That was $60? Can't quite recall.

Engagement photos: Self done.

Hair: Self taught watching youtube video.

I didn't even have my nails done until Fei forced me into letting her do my pedicure the night before.

So, yes, I wasn't your typical bride.

But you know what? I wouldn't have had it any other way, because everything turned out beautiful and perfect and the best part, I didn't have to turned into a bridezilla.  All because of so many wonderful people who have helped, coaxed, advice, and even forced!

In the end of it all, I am glad. Glad that we were able to have it simply, just like how it was suppose to be and being able to just enjoy the day and soak in the reality of it all on how wonderful it feels to be married to your best friend. :)

(An ex-colleague of mine help drew this for us. He's an awesome cartoonist.)


  1. I thought I have left a comment on this posting but obviously I haven't. That was a cute picture of you and Clifford!


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