Across the World

Yes, I'm alive and I made it halfway across the world, in one piece, along with 1 guitar, 3 huge suitcases, a big backpack, a handbag and the man I am going to be marrying.

I still can't believe this is all happening, but every time I look at him, he is the reason, I believe.

I was touched by friends who came to see us off at the airport before we left Malaysia. The airport is a long ways away and for them to have come that far and having to drive back late at night.. I thank you. It meant a lot.

The flights were constantly delayed, it was long,  cramp, but apart from the tiredness and the dehydration we felt (thanks to the doink regulation that you cannot bring bottled-water when you board the airplane), we are just glad that it was over.

It took me almost 2 weeks to overcome the jetlag. More so, I think because I got sick a few days after, so maybe the extra needed rest. I have a feeling the sore throat came from the plane that was filled with so many people with constant coughing, hacking and spitting their flame into the empty drinking cups! *shudders*

It snowed once since I got here. But for the most part, the climate has been pleasant and the beautiful hues of fall is everywhere. The family thinks that it (the weather) is being kind to me and is trying to break me in slowly before the real cold starts. I say to the cold.. "bring it on."
Okay, maybe that was a mistake to be too cocky about braving the long winter months ahead. But at least I get to have a break in between while I'm in California for the wedding. ;)

I guess... now onwards.. the countdown begins.


  1. Definitely glad to hear from you and knowing the big day is not long to wait now. You got heaps of things to do young lady!! Looking forward to the wedding post ;)

  2. Patience.. patience.. It's coming .. SOON. Haha! I wish you are here with me though..


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