Dear Pharmacist-Hating-Doctors,

When I started college, I was excited. Excited at the prospect that when I graduate and am out in the field, it would be like the ideal medical team to be working with.  Doctors, nurses, pathologists, radiologists, nutritionists, etc.. all working hand in hand in bringing optimum healthcare to the people.

As time goes, I found out things aren't what it seems.
We get along fine with everyone else. But you are one that is hard to get along with.

You get irritated when we call to double confirm prescriptions you write.
You get irritated when we call to tell you that you need a specialist to prescribed that drug you want for your patient (List A drugs are drugs that are expensive and can only be prescribed by Specialists).
You get irritated when we are calculative about the types of medications and the duration you choose to give to the patients.
You think we shouldn't question you at all on whatever you do.
A lot of times, you treat us like the enemy.

Yet, without us, you will be prescribing the wrong dose on days when you are super busy.
Without us, the medical budget for medicines will be finished before the first quarter of the year is over.  This is even worse because you will have NO drugs to give to your patients by then .
And without us, your patients might end up being resistant and producing even more crazy strong bugs because of over-usage of antibiotics!

So, what is so hard in just working hand in hand?
We are in no way trying to steal the limelight for you. We are also not in any way interested in undermining your knowledge.  We are just doing our job and doing what is best for the patient.
Have we not gone through similar gruesome studies just to get to where we are?
Yet, you think we have it easy, and yes, our lives are not as crazy hectic as yours.  But that does not mean we are incompetent.
If you are jealous of our lifestyle (no all night on calls in the hospital, no life and death decisions in our hands, no surgical procedures to do), it's not our fault you chose to be doctors.

I am glad for my profession and am grateful for those of you who chose to be doctors. I think it's a very honorable thing to do. So, be honorable not just in your work, but to those around you too. Stop treating us like second class citizen or treating everyone like as if the world owes you and that you are the only thing that matters in the medical world.

And maybe with that, we can focus on what matters more in our profession, the people.

Yours sincerely,
The Disappointed Pharmacist.

(My colleague and I in our little pharmacy that badly needs to be organized better but due to insufficient funds, we could only make do with what we can with drug storage and stocks.  Anyways, see those cardboard boxes drawers in shelves? I made that! It's not as durable but at least it helps for the time being in utilizing the space of the shelves we have. :) I'm pretty sure we could win awards for being very environmentally friendly! Hahaha! )


  1. That is what I define proactive/initiative, without being told to - making the cardboard boxes drawers in shelves. That is my Lian. I am proud of you. Love and Hugs.

  2. that was still in working progress. Now the shelves are filled with more drawers. More cardboard ones and we've got some plastic ones too from our own money! And I'm color coding the drug labels so it is even more organized! :)


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